First Goals of 2009 are now here!

Donate to Charities: This is one area a really need to get cracking on. For 2009, I am planning on donating $300 to a few charities of my choice. This is not a great deal of money but it is a start. I really love all forms of wildlife and this is most likely where my first donation will be going to. I will post which charity I choose and a brief description why it has been chosen once this happens.

Volunteer:This will be a more hands on approach from my first goal of fulfillment for 2009. A charity or organization I strongly believe in is what I will be looking for here. One day a week, bi-weekly will be ideal for me.

Working on this blog:I believe that having key aspects of my life posted to the general public will help motivate me to live up to my goals. I also hope to inspire other people to live more fulfilling lives.

Spend more productive time away from work: It sure is great to be productive in the work force but most people spend there time away from work just recuperating in hopes of being productive for another work day. I am planning on finding other ways of being productive besides volunteering. Feel free to post any suggestions on what I can do to achieve this goal.

Start Planning for financial independence: I do not want to waste my life working at a job. I feel that work is a huge time waster and there is so much else which I could do with my life. I plan on mapping my life expectations and begin saving and investing even further to break free from the rat race.

I will post again once my goals start to materialize!


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