Terrible Neglect on Dog in Ontario

As most in Canada already know, there has been a terrible case of neglect on a dog found in the backyard of a Durham, Ontario resident.

This link shows the state the dog is in. I must warn you that, the images are graphic and should not be viewed if you are sensitive to images of this nature.

According to reports from the OSPCA, the dog does not have any fleas which leads to the assumption that the dog was living in a home and was likely dumped off somewhere by vehicle.

Currently, there are no suspects in this case.

I am extremely against abuse on dogs or any other animal for that matter. It is a shame that animals do not have the same rights as humans do just for the fact they are deemed as inferior beings and have the disadvantage of not having a voice to speak up for themselves.

I am writing this blog post to create some more awareness on this case and many more similar ones on animals. I hope this person gets caught and gets convicted for such crimes. News such as this makes me feel a variety of emotions: sadness, anger, discouragement and despair. However, motivation to end crimes like these rises above all else and I feel that voicing my opinion is the right thing to do.

Thank you for listening to my rant.


Saving for a House

Ever since the beginning of 2009, My fiance and I have been aggressively saving money in a joint savings account in hopes of having enough for a down payment for spring/summer 2010.

Initially, we started with a small amount of $240 each bi-weekly on the Friday we got paid. After a few deposits with this amount, we realized that we needed to pick it up if we were ever going to reach our goal of $40,000 in such a short amount of time. Slowly we increased our  amounts as we started to deposit $260 bi-weekly and then $300.

Fast forward all the way to the present and we decided to start depositing $400 each bi-weekly! On an average month, we are saving a combined total of $1,600 which we are extremely proud about.

We do not have automatic withdrawals from our chequing accounts into our savings account. We really enjoy the whole process of depositing the money ourselves either by direct transfers or through an ATM machine as it motivates and encourages us to save even more. Motivation is key as it is easy to get discouraged from saving since a down payment for a house is usually one of the largest sums of money you will have to come up with in your lifetime.

Currently, we have a combined total of just over $8,000 in our joint savings account but believe that this will increase more rapidly due to our larger deposit amounts. However, we do not know how much more we can increase our payments since we are reaching our limit of disposable income. To reach our goal, we will be required to save an additional $900 a month!!  This will not be, in any way, an easy task but hopefully my fiance and I can come through and figure out a way.

What are some of the ways you save money to reach a financial goal?

A Visit to Montreal for the Weekend

This past week, I treated my fiance to a small little weekend trip to Montreal, Quebec for our 6 year anniversary! We were both really excited as we have been saving money for quite a while and not really enjoying our time together or even life in general. We both live in Ontario and it was about a 5 hour drive but a good time to enjoy the scenery and really talk about life and eat some junk food together!


Let me just say Montreal is a beautiful place! The old architecture and atmosphere makes you feel like you are in Europe. There are many churches and museums to visit and lots of fine dining and shopping available.


As you can see from the picture, Montreal really is a beautiful place. I spent way more this weekend then I have in a very long time for anything. Here is the breakdown of what I spent on our 3 day stay:

Hotel (Hotel Place D’arms) – $500 – This was pretty expensive but man was it ever a beautiful hotel. Very elegant and the most comfortable bed in the world. Plus there was a great continental breakfast and free wine and cheese in the evening.

Food – $125 – I paid for some of our dining out choices and my fiance paid others. We went to one fancy restaurant and some cafes and smaller deli’s.

Gas – $70– I love my car! I made it to drive all the way to Montreal and back, over 10 hours of driving for just $70.00 I was worried gas would have been much more pricier but that was not the case at all. My Fiance paid (alot!) for the gas for this trip.

Activities – $100– Most money was spent shopping but also on visiting old historic churches and museums. There is no shortage of historic buildings in Montreal.

Overall we spent roughly $800 for this weekend trip.

This is a great deal of money but it’s an extreme rarity for us to do this. It was well worth it and I would recommend Montreal to anyone!