Terrible Neglect on Dog in Ontario

As most in Canada already know, there has been a terrible case of neglect on a dog found in the backyard of a Durham, Ontario resident.

This link shows the state the dog is in. I must warn you that, the images are graphic and should not be viewed if you are sensitive to images of this nature.

According to reports from the OSPCA, the dog does not have any fleas which leads to the assumption that the dog was living in a home and was likely dumped off somewhere by vehicle.

Currently, there are no suspects in this case.

I am extremely against abuse on dogs or any other animal for that matter. It is a shame that animals do not have the same rights as humans do just for the fact they are deemed as inferior beings and have the disadvantage of not having a voice to speak up for themselves.

I am writing this blog post to create some more awareness on this case and many more similar ones on animals. I hope this person gets caught and gets convicted for such crimes. News such as this makes me feel a variety of emotions: sadness, anger, discouragement and despair. However, motivation to end crimes like these rises above all else and I feel that voicing my opinion is the right thing to do.

Thank you for listening to my rant.


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