Control Your Money: Don’t Be a Follower

With the media increasing in popularity at a rapid pace, more and more people are becoming dependent on sources such as TV, Radio, advertisments on billboards etc.

Media, although it is something that is innovative and good to a certain extent, can be a real pain to someones morale and bank account.

Whenever I view the media, I try to take a very logical approach. I look at the ad in a marketers point of view to see who their target market is and what they are trying to accomplish. I try not to get “brainwashed” by a new fad that is supposedly made to better my life in the short term.When I buy a “want” item, from small items such as a new book to bigger purchases such as a TV or even a car, I make sure it is something that I research heavily on and believe I will enjoy for a long time. I ignore most media advertisments for the products I want and focus on:

  1.  Word of mouth from close friends
  2.  My own interpretation of the product
  3.  Highly reputable articles

This approach helps me determine at my own pace if the product is something that I truly want and nothing that just tempts me to buy out of impulse. Overall, I save a lot of money on things that I think I would want, but would actually be tossed aside after a few days of use.

There is a limited supply of money for all of us (unless you are on the Forbes list). Try to really think about what you want and if you will use it before you pruchase it. Does this item have any value to you? Is this something you are buying to improve your image or give yourself a quick lift? Would you buy this item for twice the amount? These are the types of questions you must ask yourself. Do not be afraid to take longer than expected to make your purchase.

Advertising works. People fall into marketing traps daily. Do not lose countless amounts of money from the media on items you will never use. Instead, save this money for your retirement or donate the amount you might have spent to your favourite charity. I guarantee a greater sense of fulfillment if you follow this route.


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