Creating goals are pretty simple. You sit down, think of what you would like to accomplish and voila! A goal is made.

Not so fast.

Creating goals for yourself shouldn’t be something that you can think of right away from the top of your head. It is crucial that you take the time and actually think what you would like to accomplish in your life both short and long term.

When I set goals for myself, I get a piece of paper and jot down notes on where I see myself next year, 5 years from now and finally 10 years and beyond. When creating goals, I like to go over what I call: The 5 Steps to Achieving Your Goals.

  1. Write down your interests and passions in life. When generating this list try to ask yourself questions such as, would I feel good about myself doing this? or Would this be something I would do for free? Questions like these will help you sort your list from good ideas to not so good ideas.
  2. Once you finish brainstorming, write down your formal list on a piece of paper or type it up to give it a clean finished look. Anything is ok. Post this anywhere you like. On your bedroom wall, on the fridge for example. Someplace where you can view and reflect. Try to make short and long term goals.
  3. Create an action plan on how you are going to achieve your goals. Is there a financial barrier stopping you? Create a savings plan to erase this barrier.
  4. Pursue your goals with a relentless fury! You are your own master! Anything can be accomplished if you are passionate enough and want it enough.
  5. The best step! Achieving your goals! Congratulate yourself, and pat yourself on the back. You achieved something most people strive for there entire lives.

Make sure to make your goals specific. You also must be passionate about what you are trying to accomplish for much greater odds of success. Goals can be changed every now and then, so if you feel hesitant in making a change to your list, don’t be! Achieving your goals is a great feeling and should be felt by all. You will soon realize that goal setting is fun and will want to quickly add more to your own special list.

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2 Responses to “Goals”

  1. Gary Says:

    Great information, I must admit that it is har to follow a goal. I like the idea of actually posting your goal somewhere visible. Most of the time i just write down something and never look at it again until i get the motivation

  2. theroadtomeaning Says:

    Thank you for the comment Gary.

    Motivation is really important in setting a goal and I try to keep as motivated as possible. You are right, having it published for the world to see is as motivating as it can get.

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