Work – Lifes Biggest Obstacle

Ask anyone what their typical day consists of and I guarantee you that work will be mentioned somewhere in their answer. The answer you receive might also come with a look of bitterness when their mind gets forced to think about the daily grind of the 9-5 job.

As for the majority of humanity, they respond to work in two ways:

With bitterness: I know a great deal of people who hate their jobs and allow it to creep into their personal lives. They work day in and day out with the anticipation of treading along for another 40+ years doing this job or something similar.

Without much thought: Other people I know, work aimlessly at a job that offers them no personal growth or experience any self productivity. They work to please their boss and try to enjoy the very few hours away from work they do have.

If you haven’t guessed it already, both ways of thinking are wrong. The way I see it, if you are working in a company or field that you are really passionate about, then congratulations! You are the lucky few that get to experience this luxury!

Work can greatly discourage people from living the life they expected to live as a child and worse, prevent them from learning meaningful things in the present and future! How many times can you count during the last few months where you said to yourself that you would like to try something you never tried before? How about learning something new, maybe even spend more quality time with family and friends? However, when that time comes, you are too tired or stressed from work to even think about doing anything else? I need more than 2 hands to count from my experiences!

In modern times the 40 hour work week has become an acceptable amount of time spent at work. Our era has the highest totals of hours spent on the job compared to any time in known history! No wonder people are having a hard time in pursuing what they truly care about!

I am currently working 2 jobs and most of the time hate every minute of it! However, there are a few ways in dealing with this feeling of hopelessness that having an unfulfilled  job presents:

  1. Create a goal on what you would like to do with your life. This isn’t something tat you will think of right away but make sure you take your time as this is an important step.
  2. Map out a plan on what you would need mentally, financially and physically to make this happen.
  3. Create a time-line or action plan from the first two points to improve your situation.

You will find that planning an escape and following this plan will greatly increase how you feel about work. There is nothing more relieving then knowing you will be in a better situation in the future!

Remember that it is never to late to stray from the general public and start your own business or make a career change. Don’t even feel bad if you think a year of absence from the workforce will revive your will to experience life. Life is too short to waste working at an unproductive place when you can do something that can provide true happiness elsewhere.


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