My Current Life Situation

Hello again, for my second post, I have decided to get in a little more detail about what I am currently up to and what I am aiming to accomplish in 2009.

 As I mentioned in my first post, I currently work full time generating modest income.  I also have a second job which I work 2-3 shifts a week during the night in the retail industry and gives me an average of $400 of extra income after taxes on a monthly basis.This second job is extremely temporary as I am trying to pay off all of my remaining debt I have accumulated over the early years of adulthood.

Speaking of debt, here is a breakdown of what I currently owe and how I plan to pay it off.

Line of Credit: $2200: The income generated from my second job gets plunked into here as well as any money left over from my budget. I am expecting this debt to be wiped out by the end of August. (Which means the end of my second job Woo-hoo!)

Car Loan $3500: I am roughly paying 300 a month in automatic withdrawals from my bank account and once I pay off the line of credit, all extra money left over in my monthly budget will go in here. I am expecting this paid off entirely in November 2009

Now on to other points in my life, I am currently engaged to a beautiful lady who also shares the same passions as me and believes in the same values such as the importance of living debt free at an early age. We are now aggressively saving for a down payment of our house with an anticipated purchase date of June 2010. We each put aside $350 bi-weekly into a joint savings account and are always increasing the amounts we deposit. We are hoping to eventually put 500 each, bi-weekly to further increase our dream of home ownership.

What I plan to Do

Personal finance and frugality are only part of living a fulfilling life full of meaning.  I have noticed that during the last 12 months or so, I have been focusing TO MUCH on money and not taking notice of much else.

 Money isn’t everything and I am looking to incorporate the following in my lifestyle in 2009:

Donate to Charities: This is one area a really need to get cracking on. For 2009, I am planning on donating $300 to a few charities of my choice. This is not a great deal of money but it is a start. I really love all forms of wildlife and this is most likely where my first donation will be going to. I will post which charity I choose and a brief description why it has be chosen once this happens.

Volunteer:This will be a more hands on approach from my first goal of fulfillment for 2009. A charity or organization I strongly believe in is what I will be looking for here. One day a week, bi-weekly will be ideal for me.

Working on this blog:I believe that having key aspects of my life posted to the general public will help motivate me to live up to my goals. I also hope to inspire other people to live more fulfilling lives.

Spend more productive time away from work: It sure is great to be productive in the work force but most people spend there time away from work just recuperating in hopes of being productive for another work day. I am planning on finding other ways of being productive besides volunteering. Feel free to post any suggestions on what I can do to achieve this goal.

I believe this is enough for my second post. I am looking forward to posting my progress throughout the next few months and I will be adding more goals as they come by.


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